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ENC is a world-class television consultancy specialising in news and current affairs channels....

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Special Effects


ENC is committed to providing its unique blend of text news to the media, and targets newspapers, magazines and websites.....

Editing Videos


The ENC Video service is extensive, comprehensive and technically perfect, it has all effects with montage....

News Archieve


The ENC library has the most comprehensive and extensive recording of various natioanl and regional channels of India....


ENC is a world-class television consultancy specialising in news and current affairs channels. The company has applied specific industry experience in TV presentation, technical values, content production and management to create tailored solutions for its clients.

We provide unmatched news coverage including breaking news and features with regional perspectives, along with politics, business, health, technology, travel and entertainment content. The head office is staffed by professionals round the clock 365 days a year.. where news content is collected, packaged and delivered in various formats.

Today ENC is a complete end-to-end solutions provider for television channels. It has on its staff television professionals with expertise in all relevant areas of news television content, broadcast technology and station management.

High Quality Video Production Services

  • We provide news with all montage and effects. Also we provide news in both English as well as in Hindi languages.
  • We have best and News editor from news industry. We edited videos, add all effects and montage and prepared scripts in both languages.
  • Lots of news available in our archieve system. To connect with our archieve system you need to contact us or mail us.