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Video Content Service

The ENC Video service is extensive, comprehensive and technically perfect, and provides its TV and Online subscribers with over 60 video news stories every day. The stories are well edited with natural quality audio to meet the editorial interests of individual broadcasters and to ensure trouble-free post-production. The stories cover issues as varied as current affairs, culture and entertainment, sports, leisure, business and Crime.

ENC Text Service

ENC is committed to providing its unique blend of text news to the media, and targets newspapers, magazines and websites.

The ENC wire service offers wide ranging content on politics, social issues, science, health, business and entertainment besides unique features that bring out the extremely interesting, yet unknown richness of the Indian cultural tapestry.

The hallmark of the ENC wire service is its flexibility. It enables users to request a unique tailor-made package to suit their editorial needs. Once the parameters are laid out, ENC seeks to meet those and offers its subscribers the desired customized content.

The ENC wire service is delivered as per the specific requirements of the subscribers through the internet, email or FTP.

On Air Archive

The ENC library has the most comprehensive and extensive recording of various nationAl and regional channels of India. A large portion of the footage has historical value, which are logged and categorized in an easy to access manner.

TV Archive

Here at ENC we can offer to you what you are looking for…Through our strategic planning and extensive footage planning we can deliver various client needs.

Not just clean footage we also focus on delivering specials including legal perspectives, legal documentaries. Knowing your laws, its implications etc is no longer reserved for a special class but it is gaining importance in the life of a common man on a day on day basis…We help you know your legal system and understand your rights and privileges better.


India is a land of many and still the land of one…stories associated with our rich art and cultural heritage…We bring to you a vibrant India like never before…Our focus on regions, interiors and the enhancement of this heritage.
Strange but true stories bringing to you the real India and rural India…Strange customs, weird behaviors, beliefs etc…Meet the real India..


We offer round the clock facilities for providing professional crews, Editing and post production facilities, Uplink facilities & OB Vans and DSNG flyaway systems.